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Big weekend of two winds

Central Western Daily, Orange
4 December 2003

Big weekend of two winds

CARCOAR Dam Sailing Club hosted 33 sailing boats and almost 70 competitors and their families in the club's annual regatta last weekend.

The initial race was set for 11am but was delayed as competitors waited in hope for the wind to arrive.

The sailboats competed as a single fleet but the results were divided into three divisions - small catamarans (under 14ft), mono-hulls and the large catamarans.

Both Saturday races were started in the Tanos Bay, through a bottleneck section of the dam into and around the Club Bay, then back to the start for a number of circuits.

Although the big catamarans led the field under the dismal wind conditions, the mono-hulls stamped their dominance over the rest of the field.

The battle now lay within the Laser class (Wallerawang verses Carcoar Dam) with the four opponents split into equal groups of male and female, all of whom were competitive and equally capable.

Timothy Hone, his daughter Alison and her friend Anna (two students from Canobolas High School), on his Corsair competed triumphantly over their rivals Bill Horder and crew from Baradine on his yacht a Status (trailer Sailor).

After the remaining boats had drifted in, John Ford as Carcoar Dam Club Commodore, announced that Sunday would be more satisfying with the winds predicted to arrive.

Most of the field opted to receive their sustenance, which was filling and yummy (heard from an eight-year-old sailor) from the local Tatts Hotel and then progress back to the club.

As predicted the winds did arrive on Sunday and they arrived with a vengeance.

The start was set in the Club Bay near the launching point, the field progressing onto the river buoy, up into Tanos Bay and back to the start and then completing a couple more circuits before finishing.

As the countdown neared zero the 33 sailing boats converged on the starting line. With everyone yelling 'Starboard' (right of way) or ‘Room' or a few other phases, the race got away.

The big catamarans (the super cars of sailing) from Wallerawang-Windermere and Fish River (Oberon) clubs forged ahead with the Paper Tigers (Central Coast), Nacras, 5.0 Mari-cats (Sydney and local) in hot pursuit, today was their day.

With some daring acrobatics and manoeuvres by the more competitive sailors a hasty but satisfying finish was achieved.

The last race was more eventful with the Orange SES having to rescue John Ford after he broke a vital stay wire whilst leading on Jim Nutley (Parkes). Ben Hone and Andrew Reynolds, on a Mirror, were awarded the Blayney Frozen Food Trophy for winning heat one.

The Fagersta Trophy for heat two went to Marcia Lac who sailed a Laser. The Loscan Trophy for heat three went to Ian Marcovitch and his Paper Tiger (Central Coast).

In the small catamaran class the top three placings went to Ian Marcovitch (Paper Tiger from the Central Coast), Jim Nutley (Mari-cat from Parkes), and Greg Williams (Paper Tiger from Sydney).

The Mono-hulls top three were Graeme Laskt (Laser from Wallerawang club), Marcia Lac (Laser from Carcoar Dam) and Timothy Hone and crew (Corsair from Carcoar Dam).

The large catamarans top three placings were Martin Horder and crew (Nacra 5.8 from Wallerawang), David Young (Mari-cat 5.0 from Sydney), and Neil Hawkins & crew (Stingray from Bathurst).

A junior encouragement award was split three ways between Ben Hone (Orange), Andrew Reynolds (Blayney) and Tommy Asimus (an eight-year-old from Bathurst).

The club would like to thank everyone who helped to get us through the weekend, including the Orange SES team who did a brilliant job.

It was good to see such a large turnout from the three local clubs Wallerawang-Windermere, Fish River (Oberon) and Carcoar as well as the competitors and their families that travelled from Central Coast and Sydney, Baradine, Parkes and everywhere in between.

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