Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Rules and By-Laws


  • All regulations of the Water Resources Commission and the Maritime Service Board are to be complied with.
  • Members who race in Club events must be financial.
  • No dogs are permitted in the grounds of Carcoar Dam Sailing Club.
  • All those taking part in Carcoar Dam Sailing Club races do so at their own risk and responsibility. The Carcoar Dam Sailing Club is not responsible for the seaworthy condition of any yacht whose entry is accepted or the sufficiency of its equipment. Attention is drawn to I.Y.R.U. Rule 1 (3) which states, "It shall be the sole responsibility of each yacht to decide whether or not to start or continue".
  • Skippers and crews are to wear adequate buoyancy vests or life jackets.
  • Boats are to be adequately buoyant when swamped.
  • In the event of a capsize, the crew shall stay with the boat and signal for assistance if needed.
  • Yachts shall carry a tow line of suitable strength and length. This may be part of the rigging.
  • The mainsail shall be capable of being lowered from within the yacht, or as stipulated in class rules.
  • Hollow masts shall be watertight, or have adequate drainage holes.
  • Yachts other than self-draining hulls shall carry an adequate bailer attached by light lanyard of suitable length.
  • Centre boards, rudders, tillers and rudder blades shall be secured so that they cannot become detached when capsized.
  • The last person to leave the dam site on any occasion is responsible to ensure that the Clubhouse, toilets, boatshed and entrance gates are securely locked.
  • All members are reminded that littering is not allowed. All rubbish is to be placed in the bins provided, or bagged and removed from the site. This is every members responsibility.

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