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Sailability and CDSC Construction Projects 2004/05 Pt.1

Sailability and CDSC Construction Projects - 2004/2005
(Part 1 of 2 galleries)
Many thanks to Timothy Hone for the photos.

Footings before the new boatshed was built. The old shed stood in the foreground.

Julie bravely holds the shed upright.

Don and Bruce putting on the roofing iron. The dismantled pontoon can bee seen rear-right.

First section of the Sailability boatshed opened by the Masonic Lodge (Timothy Hone second-left, Garry Starr in chair on right).

Timothy Hone (right)

Daybreak Rotary assist building the second section of the shed and awning.

The roofing iron goes up on the second section of the shed.

Daybreak Rotary volunteers - thank you!

New 5,000 gallon water tank installed behind the Clubhouse.

Septic system drained and repaired at Clubhouse.

Drilling old septic tanks for new outlets.

Absorption trench for septic system, leading down the hill behind the Clubhouse.

Absorption trench filled with blue metal.

Digging drainage trenches for the new disabled amenities block.

Scott lays new PVC pipes for new disabled amenities block.

Michael Hoadley and Scott Ferguson prepare the slab foundations for the new amenities block.

Tony and Geoff Body await the concrete truck - the slab is ready to be poured.

Pouring the slab. All hands on deck to muck-in and help.

Start of the brick laying for the new amenities block, as the brickies mark out the walls.

The walls go up on the new amenities block.

The brickwork is complete!

Constructing the brick return wall to the Ladies toilets.

Hank Runeman and Ben Hone preparing the roof trusses.

Roof trusses up on the new disabled amenities block.

Hank Runeman trims the facia board.

Adding the roof trusses and facia boards to the disabled amenities block.

Jamie Mendham (in blue) offers some advice for the bagging of the walls.

Part Two - click here

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