Saturday, 20 October 2007

AGM 1 July 2007

AGM, held at the Clubhouse, 1st July 2007
It was a freezing cold, blustery day, but the present company was warming. Quick business, long lunch!

At the AGM (July 1 2007), we all kept our distance from two emus who decided to pay us a visit.

Marcia presents Greg with a prize!

Mal receives the "Most Improved" Trophy from Commodore Marcia

Geoff receives his Prize from Commodore Marcia

Timothy receives his Prize from Marcia

Geoff shows of his Trophies.

Greg and Marcia enjoy the casual atmosphere of our AGM.

L-R: Mark (with beer); Geoff, Ray (in white), Rosie and Timothy, AGM 1 July 2007.

Hank, Dick and Ian, around the Clubhouse long table.

Ben (foreground), Mark, Ray and Jill around the long table inside the Clubhouse

The meetings' over - let's fire up the BBQ, folks!

Mark, Timothy and Geoff looking surprisingly conspiratory! heh heh.

What could we possibly say...? hahahahaaa

Marcia, Jill, Ray and Catherine huddle around the gloriously-warming pot-belly stove on what was a freezing day outside.

Mark stokes the pot-belly stove... it was a howling freezing day outside, and the stove saved us from freezing. AGM, 1 July 2007.

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