Monday, 29 October 2007

Sailability 28 October 2007

Sailability Central West, Carcoar Dam Sailing Club, Sunday 28th October 2007

Four seasons in one day!

On a day that saw a mix of sunshine, overcast skies, gusty wind, no wind, showers, and sunshine again... we assisted eighteen people to experience the joy of sailing today - yay!

Kevin, Vince & Timothy

Timothy and Vince preparing the Access 303 "Independence"

Kevin preparing the Access 303 "Pink Lady"

Vince, Kevin and Timothy

At one stage, the clouds looked rather amazing - but all we got was some good showers for about an hour.

The hills around Carcoar may look amazing in their current purple hue, but "Patterson's Curse" is a notorious weed that's just no good for the stock! It's sprung up in just a week, thanks to the recent rains.

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