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Wallerawang Regatta 2007 (I)

Wallerawang Sailing Club
2007 Regatta
10-11 November 2007
Lake Wallace, NSW Australia

Part 1 of 2

(More photos - Part 2 - click here)

A few photos and a few brief notes, from a great weekends' rural sailing.
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Major Trophy Winner - 10-yo Timmy, who sailed a Topcat. Hugest congratulations! Presented by WSC's Commodore Andy Holden.

The Topcat goes thru its paces on the sunny Sunday morning.

Saturday morning dawned cold, drizzly, and bleak!

Yes, it really was as gloomy as these pics taken early Saturday morning suggested! People were weighing-up going out or not at this stage.

Lone Laser out amidst the drizzle, early Saturday morning, Lake Wallace.

Although by Saturday afternoon, the rain blew away and spots of sunlight filtered thru the breaking clouds. It wasn't all dark and gloomy!

The two races on Saturday turned out to be tight and closely contested by all c.25 boats participating.

This Regatta also was the 2nd Heat of the Nacra Super Series, which saw eight boats participating.

Sunday morning dawned clear, sunny, albeit with light, variable winds - a totally different days' conditions.

The weed blown onto the shore can be clearly seen at the right.

Discussing to sail or not, or will the wind come in or not? Sunday morning amongst the Nacras.

Nacra 5.8 "Yakka II"

Chris Dewhurst rigging his Laser "Rock Steady" on a gloriously sunny Sunday morning.

Stingray "Mystic"

Ash Johnston's Maricat "Nightrider", Sunday morning.

Some people needed to recharge a little bit extra in the Sunday morning sunshine.

You know the wind is non-existent when the steam from the nearby power stations' cooling tower goes straight UP! Early Sunday morning.

Graham Lasky rigging his Laser on Sunday morning.

Marcia Lac being interviewed for the local TV news, Sunday morning (and again below). A photo of a photo being taken.

When Mal came into shore after the Sunday morning race, this duck resolutely nested atop his dolly trailer, amongst the weeds.

Martin Horder [right]

Mark and Graham talk Lasers, Sunday lunchtime.

A whole mix of craft await the start of Sunday afternoons' race.

John Ford [left]

Bill's Hand-made Trophies for the Regatta - thank you so much, Bill! (And again below)

Bill sailed his Status, "Osprey" to great success this Regatta.

More photos - Part 2 - click here

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