Monday, 17 December 2007

Sailability 16/17 December 2007

Sunday's forecast was for intermittent showers, storms and thunderstorms. Not such a promising outlook. However the morning dawned with the skies looking fairly reasonable, so we decided to take a punt and go for it.

We had a two-hour open window in which we managed to get a few sailors and clients out onto the water for a decent sail. Then the skies closed in. Luckily almost everyone was off the water by that stage.

For the next 30-45 minutes, it literally bucketed down with torrential rain. A small group of volunteers were literally stranded under the orange marquee, awaiting the rain to slow.

The visiting Prime TV camera crew managed to get some great footage, and tape a lot of interviews with both sailors and volunteers, before the rain set in. However, they also managed to interview a few more people under the marquee, out of the rain. They stayed for over two hours, which was really wonderful. They seemed to capture most aspects of our day, despite the eventually-worsening weather. Thank you very much to the two guys from prime TV for their persistence in some pretty atrocious conditions.

Mr Moon from Cowra came all the way across so he could tell his schools' story involving Sailability as well. Thank you!

We packed things away as best we could, even though literally everything was dripping wet.

Afterwards, our Volunteers and a few Sailability clients headed up into the relative dryness and comfort of the Sailing Club clubhouse, where they were holding a small casual Xmas Party and BBQ.

The next day, Timothy and Mal ventured back out to Carcoar Dam, to set things out in the midday sunshine and drying breeze. (That's when the following piccies were taken.)

Sailability Central Wests' impression of a "Chinese Laundry" - things out in the sun drying off. Out the front of the Sailability boatshed at CDSC.

Life jackets and jackets covering the motor tender tinnie, drying in the sunshine.

There was about 2-to-3 inches of water in the bottom of one of the boats, that hadn't been emptied after yesterday's rainfall. Yes, that's 2-to-3 inches of rainfall in about 30 minutes!!! Whoosh!

The Access Dinghy sails added a splash of colour, set out to dry.

Foresails from Access 303 dinghies.

Timothy acting up for the camera - as usual! heh heh.
Yes - those are sailbags on his head! hahahaa.

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