Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Sailability Nov-Dec 2007

Sailability Central Wests' Patron, MP Peter Andren, sadly passed away on 3rd November 2007. One of our boats was donated and launched by Peter, the Access 303 "Independence".

Rest in Peace, Peter. You will be very sadly missed.

Sailability Central West, CDSC
25th November 2007.

A glorious sunny day with almost perfect conditions saw many people enjoying activities on the water.

Garry, Peter and Timothy facilitate the 2007 AGM, lunchtime, 25 November 2007.

2007 AGM (Annual general meeting)

2007 AGM

2007 AGM

Scott Vandenburgh with his Gold Medal he won at the Tuggeranong Regatta. Way to go, Scotty! Yay! 25 November 2007

Sailability facilitated fifteen Canobolas Rural Technology High School students for one of their end-of-year activities.
Friday 7th December 2007 at CDSC.

A good time was had by all - as these photos testify to!

The follow eleven photos kindly provided by Timothy Hone - thank you!

What a great group of young people - thank you one and all!

Kevin (in hat) taking one of the guys out for the first time.

Good old-fashioned wet fun out on the water.

Soaked after an on-water inter-boat water fight!

Garry Starr (in glasses) taking the Access 303 "Independence" out for the day.

Water fights on and in the water! Yay!

The old canoe got a good work-out as well. Tho I'm not sure it's quite as effective upside down like this! heh heh

(Sincere thanks to Timothy Hone for supplying the above selection of photos).

Timothy (centre) and Geoff demonstrate how sailing and boats "work" to a group of students.

Timothy "dared" himself to drink this - and he did! heh heh

Kevin Parton is one of our loyal volunteers.

Boats all rigged up and waiting to hit the water.

We even managed to get the canoe out today, and the students adored putting around on it.

All ready to go. The large orange marquee is a godsend in this warmer weather.

The local SES held its Emergency Flood Boat Training exercises at the sailing club on 24-25th November 2007. There presence was extremely appreciated, as was their friendly cooperation.

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