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Club Sailing Day - 22 October 2006

Carcoar Dam Sailing Club, Sailing - 22 October 2006
(The Dam's water level was at only 20% capacity on this day)

David and Mark getting the Club Laser ready for the day's sailing.

Sara with her daughters, while Foulkert rigs the Club Laser behind them. It's great to see young families coming along.

Greg's Laser and Dick's Maricat.

Greg's Laser, "Radar", and Dick's Maricat, "Hazard", soaking up the gorgeous Spring sunshine before they hit the water for the mornings' race.

Marcia getting ready Mark and her Lasers for a great day out on the water.

Marcia efficiently rigging Mark's Laser for him.

Hiya Geoff! The wind was pretty chilly before lunch, but it turned out to be a glorious Spring day.

Geoff rigging his Laser, "Storm", in readiness for the day's sailing.

Geoff and Mark (in car) getting the runabout ready. The centre of all the action - the blue esky! heh heh

Dick rigging his Maricat.

Greg's Laser, "Radar", in preparation for the days' sailing.

Marcia spies Mal jotting down some sailing tips on the run.

Foulkert ready to put the Club Laser thru its paces.

The arrival of our latest donation to the Sailing Club - gratefully received - is this Topper.

Mark, David and Marcia all excited about the arrival of the latest donated Club Boat, a Topper.

David launches the new Club boat, a Topper, for the first time today.

Mark feeling 'peaceful' before the mornings' race.
We had a total of nine boats sailing today... wonderful for a small club like ours.

Lunchtime! A relaxed, casual bite to eat and catch-up chat in the glorious Spring sunshine beside the waters of the dam.
L-R: Rosie Body (white hat), Jill & Dick Benson, Geoff Body, Marcia Lac & Mark Fletcher.

David, Greg, Tim and Rosie relaxing over the lunchbreak.

Mark summed up the day perfectly, "That's the best day's sailing I've had yet!"

Some of the early starters, viewed from in front of the Clubhouse. Normally the water would be much closer than this! This shot gives a concept of the scale of how far away the water's edge is from where it should be.

Mal enjoying the late-afternoon Spring sunshine out by the side of Carcoar Dam.

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