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Club Sailing Day - 26th November 2006

Club Sailing Day - 26th November 2006
NB. The water level was at only 16.5% capacity on this day :(

Folkert Janssen receiving his trophy, being for First Place in Wang Regattas' Invitation Race the week before, from Geoff [left].

Marcia receives one of her two trophies from the Wang Regatta the week before, from Geoff.

Folkert preparing the Laser "Mungo Brush". "Why wasn't there wind like this at Wang last weekend?!?"

Marcia and ?

Geoff & Rosie Body and Marcia Lac.

Dick Benson and Rosie Body.

Starter and Handicapper in deep discussion before a race.

Dave and Mark preparing the club Laser for a day on the water.

Mal's Solo "Wyreema" (left) in an upright position again, after his most magnificent 'swim' in the first race... after his "broach'n'turtle" impression...

Dave rounding the bottom mark... he never gives up! Keep going, Dave!

Marcia rounding the bottom mark second time around during the second race.

Marcia heads upwind for the third time.

L-R: Folkert, Mark, Marcia and Geoff [yellow Laser, foreground] tackle the bottom mark.

Don't let this photo fool you... although Timothy in the Access 303 "Independence" is half a lap behind the others, he's actually WINNING on handicap!

The next time around the bottom buoy, Folkert [left] had caught upto Marcia.

As Geoff rounds the bottom buoy the third time, Marcia cops a gust [centre].

Mark preparing to round the bottom buoy.

Dave about to round the bottom buoy. The broken boom vang can be noticed not holding the boom down... which became a 'bit' of a problem next lap around!
Keep it up, Dave, you're doing really good!

Lots of tired faces and bodies sitting around relaxing in the Clubhouse after the days racing.
L-R: Dave, Marcia, Timothy, Folkert [green shirt], Dick.

L-R: Dick, Geoff, Rosie, Mark.

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