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Oberon Regatta 20-21 January 2007

26th Annual Fish River Sailing Club Regatta at Oberon Dam
20-21 January 2007
(Pics: Mal Kiely)

Mark readies some of the Carcoar Lasers in preparation for Saturday's racing.
That mud on the shoreline was thick, oozy, black and sticky! But the water was delightful, although at only 25% capacity.

Resplendent in the new CDSC Club Shirt, Marcia prepares some of the Lasers for Saturday's racing.

Ian and Ash wrestle their Gemini's trailer into a better position. Ian couldn't stay for the whole weekend, leaving Ash to enjoy some one-up sailing.

Jim Nutley rigs his Maricat "Jabs" prior to Saturday's first heat.

Most of the cats who participated in the weekend Regatta included Nacras, Maricats, Stingrays, Geminis, Hobies and Taipans.

The Carcoar Laser fleet showed up in good numbers for the weekend.
Left-to-right: Mal's "Wyreema II", Marcia's "Magic", Dave's new Laser, and Mark's "Crusher".

Right to left: CDSC Lasers "Crusher" (Mark), "Magic" (Marcia) and "Wyreema II" (Mal).
If it wasn't for those dolly trailers, getting the boats past that thick mud right at the shoreline would have been even more difficult!

Some of the fleet enjoying the warm summer sunshine on Saturday morning beside Lake Oberon.

A local Hobie 16 and a Bathurst MG-14.

Dave (left) and Mal both learnt heaps from each other in some close Laser racing during Saturday.

Mark models our new CDSC Club fluro sailing shirt. Lots of people bought one over the weekend.
No one could be missed out on the water wearing one - and that's the idea!

Jim and Shirley Nutley (from Parkes) enjoying the shade of the large pine trees during the Saturday lunch break. Jim can keep all of us entertained and inspired for hours with his tales and encouragement.

Dave Tory, also from Parkes, gracefully models our latest Club sailing shirt.

Some of the sailors rest in the shade by the Fish River SC kiosk during Saturday lunchtime.

Mal recovers quickly from his first-ever swim during the second-time-out in his CDSC's Laser "Wyreema II". ("Team Gherkin" in a pickle...?!?)
(Pics courtesy of Fish River SC)

Those brave (or crazy?!?) enough prepare to face Sunday mornings' challenging, fresh and blustery conditions.

Jim Nutley, on his Maricat "Jabs", had a nasty spill before the start of Heat Three, and needed some helpful assistance to get underway once again. ("If Jim capsized before the start, you know it's gonna be a windy day!")

Mark was surprisingly upbeat and philosophical, despite snapping his Laser's mast right at deck level, before the start of Heat Three. Altho he went on with a new rig, restarted and completed the race! Way to go!

Dave attempted reefing his Laser's sail for Heat Three, but in the end it made his day more difficult. A nice rest on the relatively safety of a calm lee shore saw him right again!

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A masterly display of boat handling by CDSC's Marcia Lac in 30+ knots.

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Marcia shows us how to keep her Laser flat and the bow up. Is this surfing or sailing?

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No caption needed, surely... WOW!

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Marcia heads for the bottom mark in 30+ knots, her Laser flat and in control.
In the left-background is one of the cats in trouble. The Dam wall is in the background.
And yes - it was actually ROUGHER on the water than these pictures describe!

This Wallerawang MG-14 was sailed one-up in Heat Three on Sunday, but wisely retired in the overpowering conditions. A young crew helped him during Heart Four, until a rudder failure ended his day.

A Bathurst Laser bravely attempted to race during Heat Three's blustery conditions, yet decided to retire early a little-the-wetter for her experience.

Wallerawang's Andy Holden enjoying the spoils of victory after his success in Heat Four on an astoundingly blustery day out on the water.

The spoils of victory for both CDSC's Marcia and Mark in the overall Monohull Division - framed photos of their days' out on the dam.

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