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Club Social Sail - 29 October 2006

Club Social Sail - 29 October 2006
(The Dam's water level was at just 19% capacity on this day)

Greg and Marcia share a friendly moment, while Mark smirks behind.

Dick getting his Maricat ready.

A busy beach, with a mix of cars, trailers, boats and gear seemingly everywhere... but there's a lot more space in reality! It's lovely to see such a great roll-up on a warm sunny spring day.

Marcia and Mark, sailing the same direction - on opposite tacks! Gotta love the fluky conditions of lake sailing!

Greg, Mal, Folkert, Mark and Marcia.

Mal, Folkert, Marcia, Mark (obscured) and Greg.

A parade of boats in light, sunny conditions.

Four Lasers, two Access dinghies, and one Maricat parade in a light breeze.

Laser, Access, Laser, Access, Access, and two Lasers.

Greg's Laser, "Radar"

Marcia being "peaceful" aboard her "Thin Red Line" Laser.

"Mungo Brush", "Thin Red Line", "Crusher", "Radar" and "Hazard" mill around the top mark.

Marcia on "Thin Red Line", Dick aboard "Hazard", and Foulkert on board "Mungo Brush"

Mark's "Crusher", Foulkert on "Mungo Brush", Access 3.3 "Independence", and Marcia's "Thin Red Line".

Dick aboard his Maricat 4.3 "Hazard"

Greg aboard his Laser "Radar"

Mark, Foulkert, the "Independence", and Marcia... trying to find some wind in the light, fluky conditions during the later afternoon. "Where'd the wind go...?!?"

"Crusher", "Thin Red Line", and "Independence" seek some breeze.

Foulkert sailing the Laser "Mungo Brush"

Marcia brings her Laser ashore.... and finally makes it!

Bring her in, Mark! "Crusher" almost ashore in practically mirror-surface-like conditions.

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