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Sailing Day - 5th November 2006

Sailing Day - 5th November 2006
We had THIRTEEN boats sailing with us today! Sensational!
3 Access 2.3's, an Access 303, a Mirror, a Solo, a Maricat, and 6 Lasers.
(NB. Carcoar Dam's water level was at just 17% capacity on this day).
(Pics: Mal Kiely)

One of my favourite photos so far... Marcia (in blue) demonstrating to Dave how a "Cunningham" works to help flatten the mainsail on the club Laser. Everybody learns off everybody here.

Dave, Marcia and Foulkert with the club Laser.

Centre: Marcia (blue) demonstrates how a "Cunningham" works to flatten the mainsail on the club Laser that David's sailing.

Atlanta and Sydney Paralympian Peter Worsley getting his Access 303 ready for a day on the water.

George Hone helps rig Peter Worsley's (as yet unnamed) Access 303 Tender dinghy.

Everybody helps each other out when it comes to rigging.

The first time we'd seen Timothy Hone's Laser "Plane Sailing" this season - welcome back, Timothy!

Hang on...? Is that Dick's Maricat (3656) and Mal's Solo (2686) hiding in amongst all those Lasers...? Yup!

Mark, Dick and Foulkert trying to figure out the wonderful course Rosie had set... now, is that buoy to port or starboard...?

Mark and Marcia enjoying themselves before the sailing fun starts.

Stuart Riles and his son getting their Mirror "Toffee Apple" ready to take out.

Almost ready... L-R: Dave & Marcia (backs to camera), Rosie (in white hat), Mark and Foulkert.

The Mirror "Toffee Apple" hits the water.

George Hone takes the unnamed Access 2.3 for a spin, while "Community of Orange" and "Daybreak" await their crew.

Lunchtime! Although the question was asked, "Where are the starters...?!?" Still out in the motor boat, of course!

Half of the thirteen-strong fleet enjoy the lunch break.

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