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Clubhouse, Boatshed, Surrounds, Dam & 360º Panoramic Views - 2005/06 Part 1

Clubhouse, Boatshed, Surrounds, Dam & 360º Panoramic Views - 2005/06
Photos: Mal Kiely
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Without these faithful people, our Sailing Club would not exist.
We thank and honour their contributions over the years to Carcoar Dam Sailing Club.

Our front gate at 739 Carcoar Dam Road, Blayney.
The Kinross School Rowing Shed is at the right, the clubhouse behind it, and the boatshed is obscured by trees to the rear-left. October 2006

Carcoar Dam Sailing Club Clubhouse, with amenities wing at the left, October 2006.

Clubhouse, side gate and front deck, October 2006.

Carcoar Dam Sailing Club Clubhouse, with the access track in the foreground, October 2006

End view of the Clubhouse, October 2006. Not every clubhouse can boast of their very own Portholes!

The wheelchair access ramp along the side of the Clubhouse, built 2005.

The fenced side yard along the road-side of the Clubhouse, with a glimpse of the dam top-right.

Rear-side view of the concrete wheelchair-access ramp into the Clubhouse building, October 2006.

View across the back fence, with the access ramp going to the back door. Sailing Club Clubhouse, October 2006. (The ruins of the original generator 'shed' are behind the photographer.)
Without valuable aid such as this, the wheelchair access ramp would not have been able to be built. (Sign on the front gate of the Clubhouse, October 2006)

The remains of the old electricity generator shed, behind the Clubhouse. Built half into the hillside to try to baffle the noise from any portable noisy generator.

The small fenced yard at the back of the Clubhouse (great for camping).

Thanks to many volunteer man-hours, we have an adequate water supply. Rear of the amenities wing, October 2006. The rear kitchen window is behind the silver water tank.

Amenities wing, complete with a disabled-access toilet, October 2006. The disabled-access toilet would never have been constructed without the generous support of these organisations.

Looking back up the short slope from the Sailability boatshed towards the clubhouse building. This whole site has been built and looked after by countless hours of faithful volunteer club members and friends over many years. (Note the 'gifts' from the friendly cows!)

The model boat centerpiece which graces the main long table inside the Clubhouse.

Inside the Clubhouse, looking towards the kitchen (at back), front sliding door to the left. The pot belly stove can be seen on the right. October 2006

Inside the Clubhouse, looking from beside the pot-belly stove towards the far wall. Table tennis table at the rear, a porthole can be spied above Geoff's upraised arms, and the sliding glass front door to the right. October 2006

View inside the Clubhouse from the kitchen.

View inside the Clubhouse, seen from in front of the kitchen. October 2006.

This gorgeous pot-belly-stove heats up the insides the Clubhouse on those cold days. October 2006

View into the kitchen from the pot-belly stove. Note the fridge against the far wall... an interesting touch... considering there's no electricity!

View across to the kitchen sinks, with hot water thanks to a gas heater.

Gotta love the light globe (top-left) with a miniature sailing boat enclosed.

The "Trophy Cabinet" inside the Clubhouse. October 2006

The Mendham Trophy for the CDSC Annual Championship. October 2006

Overall Champion's Trophy. October 2006

Sailability Interclub Challenge - Orange Vs Penrith. Winner 2006 - Central West.

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