Sunday, 9 October 2011

Social Sailing - March 2007

Social Sailing - March 2007
Held at Ben Chifley Dam, as there was not enough water to safely sail on out at Carcoar Dam.

Timothy and Luke take the Mirror "Red Hot Chilli Pepper" out for a spin, on 11 March 2007.

"Red Hot Chilli Pepper" comes ashore with Timothy and Luke.

It's a beautiful large body of water out at Chifley Dam.

Luke's enthusiasm for sailing has inspired us all. Thanks Luke!

Timothy and Luke enjoying the moment.

Timothy Hone took out his Laser "Plane Sailing" at Chifley Dam that day as well.
Mark Fletcher later went for a sail with Luke in the Mirror, while Marcia and Mal relaxed under the shade enjoying the day.

Ian Johnston caught! heh heh
Ian and Ash Jonstone bought their Maricat "Nightrider" out to Chifley Dam on Sunday 18th March 2007, and Ash later went for a sail.
Mal Kiely joined him aboard his Laser "Wyreema II".

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