Sunday, 9 October 2011


These photos were taken mid-week in early October 2011... yes, it does rain at Carcoar occasionally... plus the current water-level is sitting at a glorious 82% capacity! The dam is the fullest its' been since c. 2001!!!

Looking out across the water at the northern end of the boatshed... just last year, the walk to the edge of the water was about 200 meters from the top of that concrete ramp!!! Now it's all underwater!
By the way... that's the first time the water has been anywhere near that little temporary boatramp since 2001!!! (That was some leftover concrete from building the Sailability boatshed c.2001, and was used as a quick fix to a then-lowering waterline. Little did we all know that the water level would eventually drop to just 4% in 2010!!!)

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