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Full-Blooded Hard and Variable Scorcher

Full-Blooded Hard and Variable Scorcher
26 November 2006

Carcoar Dam sailors knew they were afloat this weekend after experiencing little or no wind last week at Wallerawang. The west/southwest morning breeze developed into a full blooded hard and variable scorcher for the afternoon race with boats going in all directions, very quickly and often upside down. Even No Bung Janssen took a dive, a most unusual (and ungainly) sight.

The usual lineup of Laser sailors took part in this weekend championship races with the addition of Bathurst sailor Mal Kiely aboard his Solo and Tim Hone in his favourite Access 303. Tim Hone tells us that he only wants a relaxing sail however the race results would suggest otherwise. (Your author might try one in the effort to reduce the time spent swimming and the after-affects of "Gunwale Bum", i.e.sever tenderness of the upper thighs from hiking).

Officers of the day, Rosie Body and Dick (safari) Benson manned (and womaned?) the starters boat and set a demanding course around our ever disappearing water-way with the required work to windward, run and reach. First casualty of the day was Mal Kiely who after being soundly deposited in the drink found the boat drifting faster than he could swim and was left to contemplate the scenery while floating on his back. The ever vigilant starters/rescuers fished Mal out who then decided to leave the (damm) boat where it was until he was ready to rejoin the spray and fray. On regaining the shore, Mal discovered the leaks found at Wallerawang were still leaking and so called it a day.

Parks sailor, Dave Tory, after last weekend's sneaky practice, thought that this week was his. How wrong he was except to improve his swimming techniques after he tried his best to re-model his Laser in race two. He did manage though to finish just behind the ever improving Mark Fletcher.

Race results were the same for both races. Tim (just cruising) Hone first, Folkert Janssen second and Marcia Lac back on the podium for third. Geoff Body ran fourth and wishes he could have a keelboat (saves that unnecessary hiking) to suit his maturing years and Mark Fletcher says he needs to rig his own boat. Comments, after coming ashore, that the boat was not put together properly resulting in his poor performance will not go down well, especially in the following week.

After the races and in the sanctuary of the (dry) club house, prizegiving for the previous weekend at Wallerawang saw Cowra sailor, Folkert (no bung) Janssen and Orange sailor Marcia (can't beat her) Lac take home the silverware for their efforts. Well done to those who represented the club for the 'Wang regatta.

Keep the breeze free.

Geoff Body

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