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Wallerawang Regatta 2006

Wallerawang SC Regatta
18-19 November 2006

31 boats from many clubs across the state competed at Wallerawang's Lake Wallace over the weekend. Plenty of water, lots of warm sunshine - but no wind! But a good time was had by all. Six boats competed from CDSC.

They say that to truly get to know your boat, you must sail on inland waterways. This is usually due to the fickle nature of breezes coming off the surrounding hills and this proved to be the case with this year's 'Wang regatta. A brief look into the diary of a sailors wife (stuck ashore to look after the children of course) tells it all...

"Sunny Wallerawang, look at all that water, dogs with sticks, kids in the sand, boats being rigged, lots of wind, no wind, more dogs, three geese (reportedly vicious), a briefing beside the club esky, twenty minutes to race time (only an hour late), no wind, out the boats go, busy start line, catamaran and laser sailors silently cursing each other, an "outrageous" first mark rounding (so many boats wanting to be in same place at the same time), Folkert (no bung) 'suggests' that "perhaps the cat should go around the outside". . . a bullet of wind, no wind, wind from the opposite direction, no wind . . . someone up at the clubhouse laughs and says that he used to own the Cowra boat that is currently leading the fleet (and that he sold it because it was too slow) . . . some good competition up to the finish line, sailors back to the shore, oops, Mal's hull is full of water (perhaps he should try a Laser instead) . . . resting under Mal's tent on Marcia and Mark's action chairs, lots of laughs, applause for Talia and Louise's playschool acrobatics, chatting with the locals . . . what a lovely weekend!"

That says it all.

The final results saw Folkert Janssen third in division and Marcia Lac fourth. Mal (webmaster) finished fifth but with a mystery as to where the water was coming in. (Postscript: When he got his boat back and took a good look underneath the hull, Mal discovered not one small crack - but three! That explains the major leaks!)

John Ford sailed well, considering it was his first time out this season after an elbow injury. Alas, Ash Jonhson's sunburnt legs prevented him from sailing on Sunday - hope it heals quickly, Ash!

Next weekend will see another group of championship races at Carcoar, and Sailability will be out again on December 3rd.

Keep the breeze free!!!!

CDSC Results:

Invitation Race - Overall Results
1st Place: Folkert Janssen sailing the Laser "Mungo Brush"
3rd Place: Marcia Lac sailing her Laser "Magic"
4th Place: Mal Kiely sailing his Solo "Wyreema"
9th Place: Mark Fletcher sailing his Laser "Crusher"
Monos Division - 1st Place: Mal Kiely
Cats Division 1 - 4th Place: Ian and Ash Johnston in their Gemini
Cats Division 2 - 4th Place: John Ford in his Nacra 5.8

Heat 1 - 1st Place: Folkert Janssen
3rd Place: Marcia Lac
4th Place: Mark Fletcher
Monos Division - 5th Place: Mal Kiely
Cats Division 1 - 4th Place: Ian and Ash Johnston

Heat 2 - 2nd Place: Folkert Janssen
5th Place: Marcia Lac
6th Place: Mark Fletcher
Monos Division - 4th Place: Mal Kiely

Heat 3 - 3rd Place: Marcia Lac
6th Place: Mark Fletcher

Overall Positions - Laser Division
3rd Place: Folkert Janssen
4th Place: Marcia Lac
7th Place: Mark Fletcher

Overall Positions - Monos Division
5th Place: Mal Kiely

Overall Positions - Cats Division 1
5th Place: Ian and Ash Johnson

Overall Positions - Cats Division 2
4th Place: John Ford

Overall Final Results
John Ford - 4th Place
Folkert Janssen - 6th Place
Marcia Lac - 7th Place

News Archive - November 2006

Our Xmas Party and 31st Birthday Celebration will be held from 5.30pm on Saturday 2nd December 2006 at Greg Unwin's home, BYO everything.

Commodore Marcia Lac's television interview at W'ang Regatta was aired on WIN TV's News on Wednesday night. Promoting sailing and CDSC. Lookin' good, Marcia!

Jim Nutley, from Parkes, sends his best wishes to one and all. He's been rather unwell so far this season, unfortunately. Come back when you can, Jim - we're missing you greatly!

Marcia Lac has re-named her Laser "Magic". Hope it does the trick for you, Marcia!

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