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Good fun, good sportsmanship and good sailing

Sunday 5th November 2006

Good fun, good sportsmanship and good sailing

Good fun, good sportsmanship and good sailing continue at Carcoar Dam on Sundays. The Laser sailors are still outsailed by Folkert (no bung) Janssen on nearly all points and legs – his hiking technique leaves his more ancient or less experienced counterparts looking rather sad! If a united determination to beat this newcomer is the answer to his demise he had better keep out a weather eye.

The morning race started in light shifting breeze with a few gusts, which kept the fleet on their toes looking for that elusive puff that would make the difference in gaining a place. Bathurst sailor, Mal Kiely in his Solo managed a perfect start in race one and he always entertains the starter’s boat with his whoops of success and enthusiasm, whilst Dick Benson constantly threatens to upset his opposition to leeward with his larger wind-taking cat sail.

The afternoon race was in contrast to the morning with a consistent stronger breeze, allowing for some exciting on the edge sailing, but alas no one went for a swim.

Another new club member tried his boat this week. Stuart Riles green Mirror "Toffee Apple" took to the waters and tested the tricky wind-shifts. A little sail trimming and a wet suit (for swimming!) will see Stuart and family into the competition. It was good to see three intrepid Sailability members joined the club this weekend, with Gary Starr, Graham Hamilton and Peter Worsley (in his new Access 303) competing.

Weekend results saw Folkert (no bung) Janssen with two wins, Geoff Body with two seconds, Mal (webmaster) Kylie making the best of his hot start with a third and fifth and Marcia Lac now under control with a third and fourth. New member, David Tory from Parkes sailed the club Laser in both races enjoying the day.

Have a look at the Club Website at This is compiled and regularly updated by Mal Kiely and gives a glimpse of the camaraderie and good sailing enjoyed by all as they help rig boats, lunch by the dam waters and participate in this healthy outdoor sport.

Next week’s programme is two more championship races in our series. The weekend of the 18-19 November is the Wallerawang Regatta for those who wish to travel or alternatively a social sail at home.

Keep the breeze free.

Geoff Body

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